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Incorporate Yoga Into Your Regimen To Keep You Mind And Body Fit

Yoga is an important form of exercise which is all about positive mind in a fit body. Yoga as a form of exercise is aimed at the connection of the body and breath with the mind. In fact if you look at the origin of the word yoga, it originated from the word yog which means connection or union. It is the union of the body and the breath with the mind in a positive manner.

Yoga is all about existence in harmony. This harmony is between the body and the mind. This harmony is achieved by holding the body in steady poses and breathing to relax the body muscles plus achieve a positive frame of mind. This positivity is the essence of yoga. The exercises or the steady poses are called the asanas. There are five major constituents of the yogic form of exercise and these constituent are breathing, exercise, relaxation, diet and thinking or what we call as meditation. Now there are special ways to achieve synchronization between each of these elements. The main element of breating is very important as that focuses on the fact that you exhale bad air and very bad elements from your body like toxins. This helps the lungs to get clean air.

All the yoga asanas try to achieve muscle relaxation by deep breathing and also try to improve the flexibility of joints. The underlying theme of each exercise is that these are done in a very slow manner so as to increase that flexibility. The yoga gurus believe that fast movements cause the production of lactic acid which in turn can cause fatigue.

As a word of caution make sure to consult the doctor if you have any medical conditions before you start working on the yoga. Also make sure that the atmosphere where you practice yoga is conducive to perform exercises. That said it is make sure that you have an empty room to perform yoga or at least clear the room of majority of things to get that necessary space for free movement. You need to have a yoga mat or something on the floor to sit. You can do it on the hard floor if you so desire.

Yoga will get you best results if performed twice during the day which is early morning and evening. Morning exercise usually will tend you get your body in flexible mode and evening exercise will relieve you of all the tension of the day.

So make sure that you get your yoga mat now and begin exercises. There are a number of videos available to help you guide through the various yoga exercises.

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