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Best Ways To Begin Meditation And Yoga Meditation And Find The Gap

One of the primary points of meditation, whether that is normal meditation or yoga meditation, is to find more of the gap. Finding the spaces is not always an easy thing to achieve in one life time, let alone many lifetimes (if you are inclined to believe in reincarnation).

In this yoga meditation article, you will learn about:
* What Is The Gap?
* How To Get To Find The Gap?
* How To Stay In The Gap Longer While Meditating?

* What Is The Gap?
In our daily life, we often forget or don’t even know that we are not our thoughts! So many people believe that there thoughts are what makes them. However, there is more to life, and in today’s fast paced world, where traditional religion does not often meet societies changing needs, meditation and new age spirituality is finding its place.

When you begin meditating, one of the first things you will discover is how many thoughts you have in such a short period. Studies have shown that we can have 10’s of thousands of thoughts every day. Wow, now that is a big number, and in life this doesn’t always become obvious.

The gap is simply that point when your quiet the mind, and find the gaps. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? However, when you truly start to meditate, you will find that your thoughts are too many. You will find that you are provoking these thoughts, because when they appear, you begin to entertain them.

* How To Get To Find The Gap?
Our ability to breath is an amazing system that we contain. For example think about your breath for a moment. It contains 2 phases, one where we can consciously control our breath or we can simply let it work independently without our thoughts.

This comes in useful when trying to find the gap. When beginning meditation, you can sit in a quiet place, undisturbed for 10-15 minutes, possibly even half an hour or even an hour when you become more experienced. When a thought arises, just viewing it, and letting it go, without attachment will soon allow you to find the gap. A great way is to let your breathing subconsciously continue, while you focus on your breathing, and your stomach going in and out.

* How To Stay In The Gap Longer While Meditating?
Staying in the gap longer takes experience. It depends on your mastery of life, and can take many lifetimes (if you are inclined to believe in reincarnation). However, dedicating some time each day, over a lifetime can really show you great progress.

The process is same as the fundamentals. Simply let go of thoughts when they arise. Over time you will find that you can have more gaps between your thoughts, and that the gap lasts for longer. The result is bliss and peace of mind.

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