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Why is valium so consistently rated highly?

Ask anyone to name an antidepressant and most will immediately think of valium. It has been around for so many years, it has become a staple drug used by physicians around the world. As one of the first important benzodiazepines released on to the market, it has proved itself consistently effective in a number of different applications. The first and perhaps best known is to reduce anxiety and panic. It calms people who would otherwise be excitable and, perhaps, aggressive. When taken for the first weeks, it can help people relax and sleep. Indeed, it is used as a sedative in place of an anesthetic for dental and minor surgical procedures. It also affects memory and, because people no longer remember so clearly why they were anxious or upset, it adds to the general calming effect and reduces depression. Indeed, when you look at its long-term success, it’s hard to find a better or more reliable drug. Valium is effective, being rapidly absorbed into the blood stream and becoming active quickly with few side effects when used in short bursts. Most medical regulatory authorities around the world recommend that it’s not used for more than between two and four consecutive weeks. The reason for this caution is that people may become physically or psychologically dependent on the drug if it’s used too long or at too high a dosage. The longer it’s used, the more difficult it can be to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. Other than this, the medication is so well regarded, it’s listed as an “Essential Drug” by the World Health Organization (WHO). When setting up a medical practice anywhere, whether in the developed or developing world, it’s considered one of the drugs that should always be included in stock if a basic healthcare service is to be offered. As one of the best known drugs of its class and one directly recommended by the WHO, it’s hard to fault it. But because it’s addictive, it’s not only limited to supply on prescription in most countries, it’s also a controled drug, i.e. it’s illegal to have it in your possession unless you have a prescription. As one of the best known drugs, it’s also one of the most abused. So, even though online pharamcies will supply valium without you having to produce a prescription, this does not mean you’re free to use it as you think fit. If you ignore the directions of your local healthcare provider or the online pharmacist, the resullts can be a long and expensive addiction. So, use the drug as directed and get all the benefits without any of the disadvantages.

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