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WADA ya mean, it improves performance?

And now a word of encouragement to all your sexual athletes. When you buy your viagra online, this is not just a remedy for erectile dysfunction, it’s also secretly giving you a whole body treatment. I hear a “Huh?” or other words asking for more. Well, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is holding a series of formal tests to find out whether using viagra gives sportsmen an unfair advantage (when playing their sports and not just partying after their wins). The Agency paid Marywood University to conduct a series of trials to determine whether viagra is as effective as some of the top-performing athletes privately claim. Independently, Tufts University is also studying the drug’s effectiveness. The myth says that top athletes take a mixture of viagra and anabolic steroids before they work out. The reason is that viagra acts to dilate the blood vessels and this takes the steroids to the muscle groups faster than would normally be the case. WADA has asked a number of questions including whether it improves performance at low altitude, helps to compensate for air pollution, and so on. If the evidence presented next year shows that users get an unfair advantage, viagra will be added to the List of Prohibited Substances and Methods. So let’s come down from the world of top athletes and consider what happens in the average man. Viagra is not just prescribed to deal with erectile dysfunction. It’s also used to dilate the arteries in the chest and lungs to treat problems of high blood pressure. This means it significantly improves the circulation of blood and takes more oxygen round the body and removes more carbon dioxide from it. Even in the “average” man, it improves stamina and endurance. Thus, when it comes to improving your own performance in the bedroom, it’s no longer necessary to pay the airfare to go altitude training in the High Sierra. Working out regularly with viagra in your body will improve your fitness and help you to avoid tiring as quickly. Yet another exciting reason to buy viagra online.

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