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The Magic Pill sells like magic

One of the joys of watching the stock exchange is trying to guess what will happen and then trying to explain why you were wrong. It seems obvious that expensive drugs used for recreational purposes will be one of the first to feel the effects of the economic slowdown. You only have to look at the signs all around you. The banks are failing, the housing bubble has burst with foreclosures everywhere, and unemployment is rising. These are signs of a recession. So if people are going to struggle to keep a roof over the heads and put food on the table, nonessential drugs will be the first sacrifice. Except that the latest sales numbers out of Eli Lilly show that, in the sale of cialis, gross revenue jumped by 20% in the last quarter as against the same quarter last year. So, no matter what else may be going on in the world, there is one fundamental truth. Men will keep paying to treat problems of erectile dysfunction. Whatever else may be slowing down, the action is not slowing down in the bedroom. Perhaps the answer lies in male culture. There is still so much shame associated with erectile dysfunction. Men whose performance is affected feel, somehow, they are no longer “proper” men. If possible, they hide the problem. If hiding is unlikely to be effective, it comes down to two choices. Honestly discussing the problem with their partner helps to keep the relationship going. Sacrificing the relationship allows the man to save face without having to admit the failure. Why should the expensive branded cialis still be so popular? Well, there are two versions. The original version allows sexual activity for up to thirty-six hours. This gives almost complete flexibility allowing for sex whenever and wherever the urge comes. It’s as close to a natural response as you can get with only one pill. The other version is the once-daily tablet. This is a low dosage treatment that allows normal sexual responsiveness 24/7. The price for both versions is the same. It’s left to the man to decide which version is most convenient. When looking around to buy cialis, the standard approach is to go visit with your local healthcare provider, get a prescription and head down to your local drugstore. Except that traps you into buying this must-have drug at the prevailing retail price. Those of you who follow these things will know that the price for cialis has recently increased. Which is why you have come on to this site, where you can buy cialis at a rather less painful price without having to go get a prescription. This keeps your performance going without it straining your budget in a recession.

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