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The dog that didn’t bark during the night

One of the very best throwaway lines from Sherlock Holmes comes in The Silver Blaze. Asked what is significant about the way in which the horse was stolen, he identifies the failure of the dog to bark as the most important clue. I have always liked the idea of the answer to mystery novels turning on some simple insight. Too often, an author gets so caught up in his or her own cleverness that plot becomes too complicated and characters less interesting as they do increasingly odd things just to fit in with the need to arrive at the solution. So it is, when people like me come to write about why to buy Viagra. We beat out our brains trying to find something new and exciting to say when all the new and exciting things have already been said. Then we remember the simple rule. If in doubt, talk about an animal. By now almost everyone on the planet knows that viagra is the best thing since the invention of sliced bread when it comes to a cure for erectile dysfunction. As an aside, I should note that sliced bread is completely useless as a remedy for impotence. Anyway, what is slightly less well known is that viagra is also used under a different brand name for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension. This affects the main arteries and veins in the chest, through the lungs and leading to and from the heart. If blood pressure rises too high, it can cause dizziness and difficulty in breathing. Unchecked, it leads to the risk of heart failure, particularly during exertion. In treating erectile dysfunction, viagra works by dilating the arteries leading into the penis. The same qualities make it a vital way of relieving high blood pressure in the chest. So how do we draw all this together into the big reveal at the end of this little mystery? Well, for that, you have to travel with me to Highgate in London. Look around and ask for Bentley. He’s quite a local character. You see, he got problems with his pulmonary arteries and was prescribed viagra. Now, he’s back on his feet again, chasing rabbits and doing all the doggy things that Springer spaniels do when they are fit again. The local veterinarian was absolutely correct in his diagnosis. The failure to bark probably indicated an imminent heart attack. The use of viagra dilated the arteries and allowed the blood to flow more smoothly. He was “cured”. Unfortunately, Bentley was neutered when young so we are unable to report if his sexual prowess also improved. Other than that, take this story to heart. Even dogs sing the praises of viagra! Buy Viagra online right now!

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