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The Anti-Aging Secret Exposed

Imagine discovering the secret weapon to fight the aging process. A weapon that is virtually free, yet priceless. A product that is readily available to the entire population and yet, many don’t even know it.

What is this anti aging secret weapon that no-one seems to recognise? The answer is water. Yes, plain old water – our best friend in the battle to restore or hold on to our youth.

It is a fact that without water there would be no life. It’s that important for mere survival. Water is essential for any living thing to survive. When NASA is looking at new planets in our solar system, to determine if life is present, they first look to see if water is present. We know that oxygen is crucial for the survival of the human race, and without it we would perish, however there are known forms of life that don’t require oxygen or are in fact poisoned by it. However, every living thing must have water, be it plant, animal or human.

The human body consists of between 55% to 75% water, depending on a person’s physical build and size and is essential for all of our metabolic processes. Water helps circulate nutrients throughout the body and also eliminates toxins. These substances are dissolved or held in suspension by our bodily fluids that are mostly water, and carried around the body. As well, the importance of water to retain health in body organs such as the colon, kidneys, liver, the brain and just about everything else has been proven.

Can you believe that almost everything we consume contains some water, from all the fluids we drink to even the driest biscuit? However, these fluids are either used up or lost rather quickly, in ways you probably don’t even think about. Obviously we use or lose water each time we go to the bathroom, yet also through evaporation from our skin, perspiration and even in every exhalation. Recall how a mirror steams over when you breathe on it? This occurs as the airborne water in your breath condenses on the colder surface of the mirror. This fluid must constantly be replaced, and the best way to do it is simply by drinking pure water.

Keeping well hydrated by drinking lots of water is particularly beneficial to the skin. In fact, drinking lots of water is more effective in washing toxins from the skin than by showering. Showering only cleans off the perspiration and other substances from the surface of the skin. Ensuring that we are never deficient of water on the inside, however, dilutes and washes away toxins in the pores and at the same time, moisturises the skin, thereby assisting it to look more youthful and even reducing wrinkles.

Research also shows that drinking plenty of water helps in the prevention of many of the diseases that we associate with aging. Insufficient water consumption can contribute to high blood pressure and high cholesterol which in turn are factors in heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.

Unfortunately, some people become concerned that they may suffer from water retention and bloating if they drink too much water. However, this is not going to happen. A healthy body will expel all the water that it does not need and flush out waste along with it. It is true that water retention is caused by other factors. If you are one that suffers from bloating, you should still drink plenty of water, otherwise there will be a buildup of waste and toxins in your body that will only exacerbate your problems.

The latest recommendation from the US National Research Council is that the average woman should have 2.7 litres of water per day and the average man 3.7 litres. However these figures are dependant on body size, so a larger woman would need more and a small man would require less. Women who are breastfeeding require a larger amount. Those living in hot temperatures or people who are very physically active would also require more water.

An average of 20% of the water that we need is gotten from food, so after subtracting that, the National Research Council’s figures mean that we should drink about 2.1 litres for a woman (9 x 8 oz glasses) or 3 litres for a man (13 x 8 oz glasses).

Do you think that sounds like a lot? Yes, but remember, it’s worth it! If you are not drinking near that amount right now, you are sure to have some health benefits from increasing your consumption of liquids. You will probably also find yourself looking younger, your skin appearing clearer and you would be feeling more energetic as well as being healthier. It is suggested that you spread your intake of water through the day, rather that too much at once.

There are other drinks that will count toward your daily intake, including milk, non-sweetened juices and green tea. Avoid anything containing alcohol as that will contribute to dehydrate the body and sodas or many fizzy drinks are also best avoided due to the usually high sugar content.

So, the anti-aging secret is out. It’s plain old water that is the purest way to treat your body in the fight against aging.

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