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Stop that spam! Stamp it out!

Have you noticed that most of the spam that fills up your inboxes seems to be related to sexual performance? It starts with the simple and traditional, “Buy cheap viagra online.” and then slowly grows into the more extraordinary ways in which men may apparently impress a woman. Let’s not deny that size is an important factor, but even if it was possible to realize some of these promises on the part of the man, you really do have to question whether the women would swoon in anticipation or run screaming from the room. Anyway, no matter whether men ever do need something more than simple viagra (which is often available cheaply through sites like this), there’s no denying that spam is an annoying problem. It seems you can tweak the filter as often as you like, these clever marketers tweak right back with new ways to get the mail through. Worse, there’s so much of it flowing through the internet at any one time that it seriously slows the operation of the whole system. So governments have been passing laws to outlaw spam. Like that’s ever going to deter people. When almost all the major spam operations cross national boundaries, the laws of any one state are of little interest to the big businesses behind the use of email to sell product. But October 14 goes down as a brave gesture by the US authorities to do something about the problem. Armed with warrants and restraining orders, the Federal Trade Commission closed down a number of sites thought to be critical to the spam network. Unfortunately, it turned out that the spammers had a back-up plan and their operations were almost completely unaffected. It’s such a shame that the Commission decided to hold press conferences to sell the story of their success. In fact, all it did was to demonstrate the difficulty that every government has when trying to act against an international group with multiple servers in different countries. So the spam for cheap viagra continues to drop into inboxes around the world. Perhaps the governments should promote legitimate websites like this as a reliable source of viagra. That way, they will drive the spammers out of business.

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