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Sometimes it’s better to stay with the devil you know

It’s always better to start off with the bad news first. Hopefully, by the time you reach the end, you will have forgotten this bit. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated there were about 400m obese adults around the world in 2005. It expects this number to almost double to 700m by 2015. Since most people don’t want to have the gastric bypass surgery which almost always produces significant weight loss, this leaves a massive market of people who want an easy way to lose weight. They all want a magic pill. One they can take in the morning and be slim by the afternoon. As if. . . Anyway, all the major pharmaceutical companies have been laboring away. They see a golden pot at the end of the rainbow where people who don’t want to eat a less unhealthy diet and refuse to exercise can still lose weight. For the last few years, everyone was sold on the idea that the cannabinoid receptor antagonists were the answer. Although they were not the “magic bullet” because people still had to diet and, hopefully, exercise, the first results from their clinical trials and the experience on the ground when first released into the market were largely encouraging. Except there was one little worry. Some people who took these drugs got depressed. Now this is one of these tricky situations. I can imagine (even though thin) that some people who are overweight do get depressed if the weight shows no sign of going away. But over time, the evidence of a genuine cause and effect has emerged so now further development on these drugs has stopped. So this has an interesting effect. Until the next wave of drugs comes along promising to be the magic bullet, everyone will have to make do and buy phentermine. This drug is quite remarkable. In most fields of research, there has been such rapid progress that if anyone suggested people should use a drug more than twenty years old, they would look shocked. Old technology = bad technology. But phentermine has been an approved drug since the late 1950s. It came on to the market as an appetite suppressant. More than fifty years later, it’s still a sold as a reliable drug for the suppression of appetite. If you’re finding it difficult to stay motivated in your diet, you buy phentermine and it keeps the hunger pangs at bay until your stomach gets used to having less food inside. Sometimes, old technology is tried and trusted until something better comes along. In the weight loss field, phentermine is still waiting for that replacement.

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