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Hope burns ever bright

This October has seen hopes rise high and bright into the virtual sky. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) went on record saying they had, at a stroke, shut down one of the major sites that sustains the flood of spam that keeps our inboxes so full of exciting reading material. Our lives just would not be the same without all the clever new ways these spammers keep inventing to beat our filter systems. Just how many different ways are there of representing generic viagra with $@# filling in the letters? Or have you noticed the new use of jpg images. The filters don’t seen to be able to get a handle on them. It’s the same with the old style ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) pictures that started arriving late September. You have to admire the tenacity of these people. They keep churning out more and more special offers. Who are all these men prepared to risk their hard-earned dollars on these offers of enhanced performance through viagra or less well-known products? It’s amazing people still fall for all the snake oil patter rather than buying through reputable sites like this. Anyway, back to the theme. We’ve been buried under an increasing mountain of spam trying to sell generic viagra but the US FTC has been working on the case. At a press conference called October 14, they told the world that we could expect less spam. They had acted under the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 which makes it an offense to hide the origin of the messages, not give a postal address or allow an opt-out. Several key sites had been shut down. Yeh, right. So, we’ve got this international group that masterminds the marketing and the actual sales of medications both real and fake. They are making money as fast as the government can print it and, somehow, the US Government figures they don’t have back-up servers and any Plan B. Was there any reduction in the volume of spam? Not so you’d notice. All observers seem to think that business was almost completely unaffected. Whatever it was the FTC so triumphantly thought it had achieved, it had no noticeable effect. The same flood of spam advertising generic viagra and other products has continued to flow. So let all this be a lesson to you. Keep on filtering out the spam and only buy your generic viagra through reputable sites like this one. That way you can guarantee the best price and the quality of the drug you receive.

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