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Drinking Water Filters Needed More and More

All the doctors and nutritionists, all the diets and the fitness instructors tell us to drink as much water as possible, the minimum of liquid consumed during a day being at least 2 liters. And then we hear from the environmentalists and other government organizations that water is contaminated with all kind of bacteria.

The thing that makes drinking water safe is the water filter. Drinking water filters are available now in many forms and using different technologies. The main goal of the drinking water filter is to make the tap water or almost any other type of water safe for drinking.

There are several types of drinking water filters. Some of them are portable ones like for example the water pitcher filters while others need to be attached to the water pipe. Each of them comes with pros and cons and because of the large variety of drinking water filters available on the market it is important to decide the kind of water filter you want.

It’s not only that there are drinking water filters available on the market, but also shower filters systems and whole house water filter systems. The drinking water filter is by far the most popular one and is available as portable filter, counter top filter, under counter filter, and faucet mounted filter.

The most popular ones are the charcoal water filters, the ceramic water filters, the reverse osmosis filters and the Ultraviolet water filters. All the filtering systems have cartridges and filters that need to be replaced from time to time, and need to be cleaned.

As in any other market there are several manufacturers, but you are the one that should decide which one is the best for you. If you want to have purified water in your entire house than obviously the best choice is a whole house water filter system. However these systems are somewhat expensive and their maintenance is not very easy either. Nonetheless with such a system you will have purified water in the entire house because the filter system is connected to the pipe before it enters the house.

The cost of a drinking water filter ranges from inexpensive to pricey, but again it depends on the technology used and the amount of water that can be purified. A small water filter will probably be enough to supply your house with drinking water, but more and more people like to have the water they cook with purified too.

Counter top and under counter water filters seem to be good both at giving enough purified water to drink and cook as needed. And while the counter top water filter is easier to install and does not require extra plumbing work, it is usually cheaper than the under the counter water filter.

So if you have enough space on the counter and you only want to have drinking and cooking water, you can definitely choose a counter top water filter. The main disadvantage of a drinking water filter is that you need a filter for each faucet where you want to have drinking water.

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