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Age is no barrier when the product delivers the goods

One of the more interesting questions for any pharmaceutical company is how to market their drug. In theory, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. You have this great tablet. When people take it, the terrible disorder or disease is cured. All you have to do is tell everyone who might get this disorder or disease, and they will flock to buy these tablets when they get sick. Except not everyone thinks the same way. Let’s say you come up with this really great drug that works on the nitric oxide in the body. People who research plants, fruit and vegetables get interested because nitric oxide extends the life of cut flowers and the shelf-life of food in our stores. They discover that putting tiny amounts of this medication in the water for cut flowers gives a week and more of life before wilting sets in. Who would have thought it? Well, certainly not the medical researchers who designed the drug in the first place. Those of you reading this are, of course, way ahead of me. You all know that adding a pinch of the little blue pill to the water of your cut flowers wards off droop for up to a week. It’s not the cheapest way of keeping flowers fresh but, if it’s that important to you, the remedy is in your hands. So what has all this to do with this article’s theme? To answer that, we need to go back to the history of the viagra. The first application that came up for clinical testing was as a treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). The drug dilates arteries. If the main arteries in the chest and lungs are constricted, this limits the flow of oxygen around the body and bad things happen. When the side-effect of erections was noticed, the researchers put PAH on the back-burner and focussed on making money – an understandable decision that has paid the bills at Pfizer for the last ten years. But good ideas never go away. Now’s the time to meet Calvin Muteesa. This British boy has been taking viagra for 92% of this life. The daily dose is between four and six tablets. He started when he was three months old. He’s now thirty-three months old. The diagnosis of PAH was clear. His heart was struggling to pump the blood around his body. He could barely breathe. The effect of taking this “adult” drug was described by his parents as nothing short of miraculous. Within an hour, his blood pressure dropped and his breathing became more normal. Remember, the chemistry in the body works the same in arteries at strategic places all around the body. If a drug works to dilate the artery to relieve erectile dysfunction, it also works to relieve PAH. Quite what will happen to Calvin’s physical development is uncertain. Doctors will monitor him and adjust the dose if it seems necessary. So age is no barrier to the use of this drug. Viagra really does get the blood flowing where it should with all the desired results.

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