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Treatments for Different Types of Acne

Acne treatments which are done to people are of different types and generally acne is categorized into three, types like mild, moderate and severe. It has to be treated by a professional dermatologist and only he can give an appropriate treatment. Acne can occur in arms, neck, back, the legs and in any part of the body. Skin care is very much essential for the Acne treatment and Doctors say that mostly all the acne are treatable.

In case of mild acne, the treatment is dealt with by gently washing the area with warm water and soap and after that applying a cream which includes benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, which you get in majority of the pharmacies. This has to be done twice daily and this cream helps to kill the bacteria on the epidermis. The improvement will not occur immediately, but gradually there will be a steady improvement in your skin condition. To have a good appearance of the skin, doctors will prescribe certain vitamins and you cannot figure out any changes overnight.

Moderate acne occurs when more or less half of the face has been covered by pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and comedones. In order to handle this situation fast, you have to consult a dermatologist. Generally, moderate acne is treated by the use of combination therapies, which will be a blend of physical and prescription treatment. This can be further more precise by categorizing them into extraction or light therapy and antimicrobial or retinoid cream. You have to take care of your skin in the moderate stage itself, or else it will definitely become very serious, and so it is very essential to take care of acne as early as possible.

Severe acne is the one which will be very apparent that the individual is suffering from it. The area affected by acne will become deep, inflamed and cyst-like. In this stage a lot of scars and skin damage, causing feeling of sadness and depression will occur to the person. As this is a severe level, one individual must treat himself before he reaches this stage.
Mostly dermatologists? treatment to this stage of acne will be aggressive, so that they can prevent the acne from spreading. Acne surgery is known as oral antibiotics and medications such as accutane and it may be used in this stage as well as drainage techniques and surgical incision. The cysts can be melted primarily within a few days of time by giving other acne treatments like injections of corticosteroids. Acne treatment or therapy which will be chosen by the dermatologist will be taking into consideration the severity of the skin being affected.

Get the exact information about the acne from the physician and patience is very much necessary as the treatment usually takes six to eight weeks to see the visible signs of improvement. Persistency is vital and it is also very much important that you consult a prescribed physician and follow up the instructions given by him. Acne care for adult and adolescent are different, as the hormones flow is different in both. So don’t assume yourself that the method used to cure teenage acne problem can be used for adult problem also. has exhaustive resources for tackling acne related problems. The website on skin care – helps find solutions for maintaining a glowing skin.

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