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Home Remedies For Acne Which You Are Looking For

Acne is very common condition seen in almost all the humans. One or the other time, all of us must have experience acne or pimple. This is nothing but a skin condition in which, the skin gets inflamed on a particular spot and appears as a papule or as an elevated seed like structure. Acne and pimple are generally same and used to describe those so called ‘spots’ on the body.

Acne can happen anywhere in the body such as thighs, back, shoulder, neck and face. But most commonly but most worried place is the face. People, across the world, spend millions of dollars to cure their acne condition. There are many reasons for acne to occur. In general, acne occurs due to the hormonal imbalance in the body. There are sebaceous glands underneath the skin and they produce something called ‘sebum’ which is a stick substance and continuously flowing outside the skin. The pathway gets blocked and then acne occurs on the skin due to infection resulting inflammation.

Home remedies for acne include –

1. Oatmeal is best for acne. Cook oatmeal and then apply them on the face for about 15 minutes. Wash it afterwards.

2. Equal quantity of lemon juice and rose water. Mix it well and apply on the affected area with cotton ball. This is very useful remedy for treating the acne condition.

3. You can also wash the face with avocado paste mixed with plain water.

4. Mixing 2-3 tea bags to some holy basil and cooking in the boiling water and then applying with cotton ball on the affected area is also good home remedy for acne.

5. You can also grind bay leaves and blanch in the water. Allow it to cool and then apply on the affected area.

6. Egg white is also good for acne. Dip a cotton ball in egg white and then apply on the clean ace. Wait for couple of minutes and then rinse throughouly.

7. You can also squeeze cucumbers and apply their juice on the acne with cotton wool pads. Practice it regularly for about 2 months. This is good home remedy for treating acne.

8. Trusted home remedy for acne includes mixing the sandalwood and the neem powder with rose water. Mix them up and apply on the affected area. Practicing this regular will take off your acne from the root.

9. For internal therapy, drink carrot and cucumber juices regularly. They help to cure acne.

10. Never remain constipated. Constipation can bring the acne condition. For this, you can have some herbal bowel regulator. Stop eating spicy and oily food and increase the roughage into the diet. This will prevent the constipation and so the acne.

11. Acne should not be squeezed at any cost. They tend to spread rapidly when they are squeezed. Try to avoid it and for itching, you can take cotton ball and then gently press on acne.

12. In Ayurveda, some oils such as ‘kumkumadi oil’ are useful treating various skin conditions including acne.

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