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Facial Acne, AKA Zits, Can Devastate A Teen?s Life.

A large percentage of humans are affected at some stage in their life. These zits usually pop up at the awkward early teen years. The main effects are, aside from scarring, for the most part psychological.

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Each individual handles the acne problem in his or her own way. The three main problems they try to deal with are;

1… Reduced self-esteem. Joe Jock’s face is clear. Mine is covered with zits. Why? It’s just not fair.

2… Depression. Quite frequently a teen will walk around staring at the ground in hopes that no one will see their ugly poc marks.

3… Embarrassment. To a teen, a zit feels and looks like a giant pus sack that covers his, or her, entire face.

An inflammatory disease of the skin, often called acne, or plain old zits, is caused by changes in the pilosebaseous units (skin structures consisting of a hair follicle and its associated sebaceous gland).

The actual term for this common type of facial blemish is known as “acne vulgaris”, which means common acne. While it is considered common, it can be, and very likely is, an extreme embarrassment to many teens.

Acne therapy you should be aware of.

If acne is giving you such a problem, you can use any of the trio of acne skin care products – general, specialized, and on-prescription- to control the monster. Some products like cleansers and makeup removers belong to the general acne skin care products; they are part of our daily skin care routine and are also used as an acne prevention measure.

But some of these products were developed to work like acne skin care products, these act against the causative agents of acne by limiting sebum and preventing the clogging of the skin.

The other product in the group of general acne skincare products are exfoliation products like skin peels, that aid the removal of dead skin cells and prevent microbial development and pore clogging.

The second category of acne skincare products is the specialized type (also known as over the counter products), and a good example is vanishing creams that extract sebum from the skin.

One chemical component of most acne skincare products is benzoyl peroxide; it is a very tough anti microbial and acne agent, and this is the reason why sufferers are often advised to use products containing 5% of benzoyl peroxide.

The acne skincare products that are often recommended by doctors are known as on prescription types. The products that make up this category include ointments, oral antibiotics, other topical treatments etc.

This preceded the development of oral isotretinoin (sold as Accutane and Roaccutane) since the early 1980s.

My particular preference for effective acne treatment is the more natural ointments that don’t have any side effects. Over the counter, and prescribed medications for acne treatment contain some form of chemicals.

The all-natural ointments (creams) use mother nature’s ingredients to clear up facial, and body, skin problems. Just about everyone can have an adverse reaction to a chemical. Natural creams do not share that curse.

CONCLUSION — No doubts about it. This article covers only the surface of the many solutions for curing, or covering up, embarrassing zits. Is there an easy way to help all the teens in the world to get an instant cure for facial acne? No.

However, the available medications, prescribed, or natural, go a long way in helping a teen to beat the embarrassing dilemma of zits.

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Richard Tolar survived a ruptured brain aneurysm 5 years ago. He spent the past 3 years talking to, and watching, people to try and discover where their interest lay. This article is about one of many things people deal with on a daily basis.

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