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Acne Solutions Solutions to Acne are also Prevention of Acne

Acne Solutions can be made effective only when the reason behind getting it is first ascertained in a patient or a sufferer. Once the person knows how to minimize the risk of getting acne it will be easier to find an acne solution.

As acne is brought on by several causes including exposure to sunlight it is important to counter act all these causes. Skin that has not been protected from sunlight will not only darken but will get more damaged with acne, and care should be taken to use a good sun screen lotion whenever one is going out. If it is possible to carry an umbrella also there is nothing like it. Preventing direct sunlight from affecting the skin is definitely an acne solution.

The scars are caused by post inflammatory changes and certain medications and over the counter creams like Avita, Renova and Retin- A will help in the healing procedure and lessen the scars. Some of the medications and creams that contain antioxidants and AHAs help in the remodeling process of the skin. The treatment for acne was restructured with Isotretinoin or Accutane. This belongs to the same category as retinoids and has a similar effect to vitamin A on the skin. It reduces the secretion of oil by the sebaceous glands and with this the onslaught of white heads and black heads is also brought down considerably. Accutane usually helps much more when it is used in the initial stage of the problem before the scarring takes place.

The scabs should never be tampered with as the scab forms to protect the inner layer of the skin until it is healed, and pealing off the scab will hinder this process. Once the scab is peeled off it will take longer for the scar to heal and maybe leave a deeper one on your skin. As an oily skin and over secretion from the sebaceous glands is partly to blame for acne, the skin should be kept clean and all traces of grime removed periodically. Stress is another factor that brings on acne and an acne solution would be to try to avoid stressful situations.

The trend towards treating acne with homeopathic medication is increasing. Homeopathic treatment is slow and does not show immediate results but the homeopath asks the patient numerous questions and tries to get to the root of the problem to cure it. Homeopathy considers all aspects of the problem including stress, hereditary and environmental factors. Treatment is directed towards a holistic approach and not just the outer skin layer.

Alongside homeopathic treatment another aspect of good health is also important in controlling acne and this is yoga. Yoga creates a state of mind and body that controls stress, balances the body rhythms and helps to maintain all round health.

With all these acne solution it will not be long before acne can be cured completely and the scars removed to leave a smooth and glowing skin.

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