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Acne Photoclearing

Acne is one of the most common and stubborn skin problems. Acne, a disease involving the sebaceous glands of the skin, is estimated to affect more than 80% of the world’s population at some time during their life. Mild acne is removed from the skin by using gels, creams, lotions etc. Using oral antibiotics, oral contraceptives and topical antibiotics reduces severe form of acne. Clearlight is an important new treatment for acne. It’s effective, painless and, most importantly, has no known side effects.” The ClearLight system is a unique new therapeutic light that treats moderate inflammatory acne. In this technology, a high-intensity, narrow light source is used to remove the acne. Using the light in this treatment destroys the P.acnes causing bacteria.

It is the best treatment to remove the acne in one month only by applying crudly medications. In this treatment, topical creams are applied on the affected area to get the best results. Photoclearing technology is very effective to remove approximately 60% acne from the surface of the skin in just four weeks. There are no negative effects such as more exposure to antibiotics, photo-sensitivity and irritation. This is the best treatment as compared to topical or oral medications. ClearLight treatments are relaxing, but most importantly, painless and safe. Clearlight treatments unique spectrum of high-intensity light triggers the proliferation of endogenic porphyrins, which attack and destroy P acnes bacteria within the skin. It can be used for any parts of the body such as large areas and sensitive beard area.

Approximately 80% people with acne have showed improvement after the two months. This is easy to use, so people can use it two times per week to treat acne. The cost of this treatment is about $50 to $400. Clearlight treatments are quick, easy and painless, and patients have no disruption of their normal activities – an important factor for today’s busy teens and young adults. The ClearLight system, by comparison, can be used as a first line of defense with no side effects and clinical efficacy consistent with oral antibiotics and topical treatments. Photoclearing Technology has shown the tremendous effects. In this technology, the intensity light is transmitted to the affected area. Approximately 80% people with acne have showed improvement after the two months.

Benefits of Photoclearing

1. No irritation

2. No photosensitivity

3. Useable for all parts of body

4. Medication free treatment

5. No side effects

6. Painless treatment

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