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A review of the Marvel Mini Blue – Using Blue Light to Treat Acne

There is a new device which can treat acne. Now, you don’t have to use chemicals which can be harmful to your health to treat acne. Blue light has been shown to effectively treat acne by killing the bacteria which cause acne. The Marvel Mini Blue device uses blue light to treat acne. Blue light is safe and painless.

How does the Marvel Mini Blue work? Bacteria that cause acne, specifically the Propionobacterium Acnes, or P. Acnes bacteria are sensitive to certain wavelengths of light. It turns out that light in the 400 to 430 nm range (blue light) can kill these bacteria without causing skin dryness or skin damage. The skin is not affected because the Marvel Mini Blue emits blue light in a narrow band and does not emit UV light which is responsible for skin dryness and damage.

The blue light which kills the bacteria comes from LEDs. LEDs are light emitting diodes. These are solid state devices which have a very long life span, are immune to vibration and shock. They are different from regular light bulbs in that they can be made very small and energy efficient and they are made to emit light in the narrow band which allows them to effectively treat the acne without damaging your skin.

I got the Marvel Mini Blue for testing purposes. Visually, it has the shape of a hair brush. The head has an array of these little LEDs which emit the blue light. You start the treatment by turning the unit on and applying it to the area which needs treatment. The unit has two light modes, pulsing and constant light. You alternate pulsing and constant light for 15 minutes in 3 minute intervals. The unit beeps every 3 minutes so you know when to change modes. Doing this twice a week is recommended. I tried the unit on a red bump that was starting to show. In about 2 days, the bump disappeared.

I looked into the Marvel Mini Blue extensively before I got one. There are many positive user testimonials online. The rave reviews and the FDA approval for blue light to treat acne are what swayed me the most. Acne medications have their place, but I like to avoid chemical treatments whenever possible. Light therapy is starting to really take off as doctors and patients are discovering more and more ways of using light to improve the look and feel of your skin. If you want to know more about this product, visit our blog where you can get information and share your experiences with us.

Athanasios G. suffers from acne just like the rest of us. This exciting new advance in technology allows quick and painless acne treatment. Here’s more information about the Marvel Mini Blue.
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