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The Plausibility of Vasectomy Reversal

If you ever have to consider having a vasectomy, what should you know?

The Two Types of Vasectomy Reversal

There are two types of vasectomy reversal: vasovasostomy and vasoepididymostomy. Vasovasostomy is when the surgeon sews the cut ends of the vas deferens back together. This is the most common type of vasectomy reversal. Vasoepididymostomy is more complicated, but is performed when there is blockage in the epididymis. It is done by attaching the vas deferens to the epididymis, hence its name.

Length of Time

There is a correlation between the time your vasectomy was performed, and the time you want to have a vasectomy reversal. The longer you wait to have the vasectomy reversal done the more your chances decrease of being able to regain your fertility. Up to three years after your vasectomy your chances are higher to get your fertility back. After three years your chances begin decreasing slowly the longer you wait. While there is no period of time considered too long to perform a vasectomy reversal, the sooner you do so after your vasectomy the better the chances are that you will be able to father a child.

What Medical Breakthrough Makes Vasectomy Reversal Possible

The medical breakthrough which makes vasectomy reversal possible is the relatively new development of microsurgical techniques. Prior to the discovery of these techniques vasectomy reversal was thought to be too complicated, as well as unlikely to help men who had a vasectomy regain their fertility. Microsurgery or the use of an operating microscope during surgery allows the surgeon to see the vas deferens in much greater detail and as such to perform the vasectomy reversal with much greater success.

Success Rate

According to recent studies after vasovasostomy sperm is present in semen in about 85-97 percent of men. About fifty percent successfully father a child after the procedure. In the case of vasoepididymostomy sperm shows up in the semen in about sixty-five percent of the men. Only about twenty percent achieve fatherhood after this procedure.

Choosing a Surgeon

Choosing the surgeon to perform your vasectomy reversal is one of the most important tasks in this process. It is critical that you choose a surgeon who is well versed in microsurgical techniques if you want the procedure to be successful. It is also important to ask your surgeon of choice if he/she can do a vasoepididymostomy with an operating microscope. The surgeon also needs to have experience in checking out the quality of the vas fluid, figuring out the best location to do the vasoepididymostomy, as well as, assessing the signs of epididymal blockage.

These are the issues you should consider should you choose to have a vasectomy reversal. The procedure is not guaranteed to restore your fertility, but should you decide the have the procedure done by a reputable surgeon versed in microsurgical techniques, your chances are good.

Financing a Vasectomy Reversal: Low Cost or More Expensive?

Having a vasectomy is a big decision. The choice not to have children was once thought of to be a permanent one. However, today there is a new option available to men who have had a vasectomy who now want to have children. For them, a vasectomy reversal seems to be a viable choice. However, vasectomy reversals can be very expensive and insurance often doesn?t cover the procedure. For many men, financing a vasectomy reversal should be considered.

Vasectomy reversals can take a large chunk out of any family?s budget. A reversal procedure can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000. For many families, financing a vasectomy reversal seems more of a realistic option.

Why does the procedure cost so much? Vasectomy reversals carry such a hefty price tag due to the complexity of the reversal process.

Intricate Surgeries Involved

Vasectomy reversals require more intricate surgeries than the original vasectomy procedure. For this reason, vasectomy reversals require specialized surgeon fees, which range from $1,000 to sometimes $3,000. Then there are the anesthetic fees which can cost as much as $5,000, not to mention the medication required or the possible hospital stay and lab testing. At the end of the reversal procedure you could be looking at a very expensive medical bill.

The cost of the procedure may often make couples delay the procedure until they?ve saved up enough money. Now, however, financing a vasectomy reversal is possible. Your doctor may know a few lending agencies that specialize in financing noninsured medical procedures. However, many people don?t consider that financing a vasectomy reversal through these agencies can often be more expensive than if financed through competitive credit cards.

Financing a vasectomy reversal should be considered if the family wants to conceive after a vasectomy and doesn?t have the money to pay for the procedure in one payment. Financing a vasectomy reversal, however, can be costly, and the terms of the loan could take years to pay off. For such an expensive procedure, it must be said that vasectomy reversals are not guaranteed. Sometimes, the man?s fertility cannot be restored.

For many men who decide that vasectomy reversal is for them, financing a vasectomy reversal is an option worth considering. He should just make sure that he?s aware of the interest rate and the loan terms. He should explore every available option to make sure that he and his family aren?t charged any more than they have to be.

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