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10 simple rules to stop hair loss

All women dream of shining ringlets. Women would readily spend much money to realize this dream. Still most people are not aware that such natural methods as healthy eating, attentive daily care for hair, day regimen, can almost for sure be very effective if done regularly. That is the reason that the majority of people start to suffer from dandruff and loss of hair after all.

We offer you ten useful rules that would help you avoid the nightmare of loss of hair and change your life:

Try to eat more spinach, fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, and drink more milk.

It is of vital importance to rub oil into your scalp and wash your hair on a regular basis. Supply your scalp with nutrients. Apply oil on your head skin and hair and wash it out at least three times a week to nourish the head skinscalp You should wash out oil completely throughout the day, otherwise it will catch dirt and dust that will cork pores of the head skin.

But if you have an allergic response to cosmetic oil for hair, make use of medical one to nourish your scalp. As a variant, try to apply lotion or hair balsam with no oil components. These hair loss remedies feed your hair with basic nutrients and vitamins.

Henna is thought to be an effective natural hair conditioner for the head skin, but, alas, it causes an unfavourable effect on the general condition of your hair. Henna will gadually make your hair dry and weak. In such a way, It is strongly recommended to wash out henna and put oil on hair after that, thus, only then you should wash your hair with shampoo.

It is very important to wash your hair after energetic physical excercises outdoors, after some jogging, etc., when the head skin sweats peculiarly much.

Occasionally it is possible to wave or straighten your hair using chemical methods, but don’t overdo with ityou should be always careful with it. Because in the contrary case it will damage your hair structure.

Another thing that can cause loss of hair is thermal processing. Therefore, it would be better to keep your hair away from hair driers.

Avoid combing wet hair. Use a soft towel to wipe your hair.

Hair specialists suggest to take in a necessary amount of bioactive supplements that are developed peculiarly for making your hair better. By doing so, you will supply vitamins and necessary nutrients to the hair follicles from inside. A good example is Provillus, an alternative herbal hair restoration remedy for women and men.

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