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17 Reasons Why Men Should Keep Low Body Fat

In today?s world it is very easy to walk into a health store and be confused on which supplements to buy. This article will go over the most important supplements for men and why it is vital for them to keep low body fat.

Men around the world are just as self conscious about their body image as women. However, keeping low body fat is not just for looks, it is also important for health. Here are the 17 reasons why men need to keep low body fat:

1) As you age your metabolism slows down drastically. This ultimately causes your body to burn less fat.

2) Without exercising regularly, the average person will lose about a pound of muscle each year.

3) After the age of 30, the average person in America gains about one pound per year without exercise.

4) Two out of five people do not exercise at all.

5) Most people begin a weight loss program in order to look more appealing.

6) Other motivational factors are the many health benefits of proper nutrition and regular exercise.

7) Less excess body fat will help you reduce our risk of developing a disease such as diabetes.

8) Excess body fat is connected to heart disease and cancer.

9) Extra blood sugar stored in your liver and other vital organs, is turned into body fat after a long period of being unused.

10) Extra body fat is proven to cause erectile dysfunction.

11) Your heart has to work about 10 times harder to pump blood through the excess fat.

12) Your blood vessels will become very narrow and pump less blood.

13) Losing excess body fat as early as possible plays a vital role in maintaining good health.

14) The older you get, the harder it is for you to lose the excess weight.

15) 80% of all deaths caused by obesity are due to the individual?s lifestyle.

16) If you are highly overweight, your pancreas will produce unnecessary insulin.

17) An active lifestyle and well balanced diet is proven to fully stop diseases.

While you are busy keeping the body fat levels down, do not forget to eat the proper foods and keep important supplements in your body. Here are the 4 main supplements needed for full body health:

1) Creatine

One particular study from the University of Wisconsin, has shown that men who take creatine are able to do heavier exercises. A few of these included squats, bench presses, dumbbell lifts, and even pull ups with weights. Studies in Australia have shown that creatine usage in men has been linked to better memory and higher intelligence scores. In order to get the maximum results, it is recommended to mix 5 milligrams of creatine with whey protein daily.

2) Boron

A high level of this mineral has been proven to help reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer by up to 50%. Men in the United States by far have some of the lowest boron levels in comparison to other
countries. Just 3 milligrams daily of Boron will help fight cancer and improve concentration.

3) Calcium

Today many men are not getting their daily allowance of 1,000 milligrams. A cup of regular milk has only about
300 milligrams of calcium. One study has found that men with high calcium levels weigh less than men with low levels of calcium. It is recommended you take 1,200 milligrams of calcium per day. Also stay far away from coral calcium. It has been shown to have many impurities which can adversely affect your health.

4) Chromium

Chromium is mainly used to assist in muscle building. Today?s research has shown that chromium
can help overweight people control their insulin levels. This makes it better to keep your levels of blood sugar in check. Overall, chromium can decrease your risk of developing diabetes when used properly.

Copyright 2007 Donald Mckenzie Jr

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The Plausibility of Vasectomy Reversal

If you ever have to consider having a vasectomy, what should you know?

The Two Types of Vasectomy Reversal

There are two types of vasectomy reversal: vasovasostomy and vasoepididymostomy. Vasovasostomy is when the surgeon sews the cut ends of the vas deferens back together. This is the most common type of vasectomy reversal. Vasoepididymostomy is more complicated, but is performed when there is blockage in the epididymis. It is done by attaching the vas deferens to the epididymis, hence its name.

Length of Time

There is a correlation between the time your vasectomy was performed, and the time you want to have a vasectomy reversal. The longer you wait to have the vasectomy reversal done the more your chances decrease of being able to regain your fertility. Up to three years after your vasectomy your chances are higher to get your fertility back. After three years your chances begin decreasing slowly the longer you wait. While there is no period of time considered too long to perform a vasectomy reversal, the sooner you do so after your vasectomy the better the chances are that you will be able to father a child.

What Medical Breakthrough Makes Vasectomy Reversal Possible

The medical breakthrough which makes vasectomy reversal possible is the relatively new development of microsurgical techniques. Prior to the discovery of these techniques vasectomy reversal was thought to be too complicated, as well as unlikely to help men who had a vasectomy regain their fertility. Microsurgery or the use of an operating microscope during surgery allows the surgeon to see the vas deferens in much greater detail and as such to perform the vasectomy reversal with much greater success.

Success Rate

According to recent studies after vasovasostomy sperm is present in semen in about 85-97 percent of men. About fifty percent successfully father a child after the procedure. In the case of vasoepididymostomy sperm shows up in the semen in about sixty-five percent of the men. Only about twenty percent achieve fatherhood after this procedure.

Choosing a Surgeon

Choosing the surgeon to perform your vasectomy reversal is one of the most important tasks in this process. It is critical that you choose a surgeon who is well versed in microsurgical techniques if you want the procedure to be successful. It is also important to ask your surgeon of choice if he/she can do a vasoepididymostomy with an operating microscope. The surgeon also needs to have experience in checking out the quality of the vas fluid, figuring out the best location to do the vasoepididymostomy, as well as, assessing the signs of epididymal blockage.

These are the issues you should consider should you choose to have a vasectomy reversal. The procedure is not guaranteed to restore your fertility, but should you decide the have the procedure done by a reputable surgeon versed in microsurgical techniques, your chances are good.

Financing a Vasectomy Reversal: Low Cost or More Expensive?

Having a vasectomy is a big decision. The choice not to have children was once thought of to be a permanent one. However, today there is a new option available to men who have had a vasectomy who now want to have children. For them, a vasectomy reversal seems to be a viable choice. However, vasectomy reversals can be very expensive and insurance often doesn?t cover the procedure. For many men, financing a vasectomy reversal should be considered.

Vasectomy reversals can take a large chunk out of any family?s budget. A reversal procedure can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000. For many families, financing a vasectomy reversal seems more of a realistic option.

Why does the procedure cost so much? Vasectomy reversals carry such a hefty price tag due to the complexity of the reversal process.

Intricate Surgeries Involved

Vasectomy reversals require more intricate surgeries than the original vasectomy procedure. For this reason, vasectomy reversals require specialized surgeon fees, which range from $1,000 to sometimes $3,000. Then there are the anesthetic fees which can cost as much as $5,000, not to mention the medication required or the possible hospital stay and lab testing. At the end of the reversal procedure you could be looking at a very expensive medical bill.

The cost of the procedure may often make couples delay the procedure until they?ve saved up enough money. Now, however, financing a vasectomy reversal is possible. Your doctor may know a few lending agencies that specialize in financing noninsured medical procedures. However, many people don?t consider that financing a vasectomy reversal through these agencies can often be more expensive than if financed through competitive credit cards.

Financing a vasectomy reversal should be considered if the family wants to conceive after a vasectomy and doesn?t have the money to pay for the procedure in one payment. Financing a vasectomy reversal, however, can be costly, and the terms of the loan could take years to pay off. For such an expensive procedure, it must be said that vasectomy reversals are not guaranteed. Sometimes, the man?s fertility cannot be restored.

For many men who decide that vasectomy reversal is for them, financing a vasectomy reversal is an option worth considering. He should just make sure that he?s aware of the interest rate and the loan terms. He should explore every available option to make sure that he and his family aren?t charged any more than they have to be.

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Treating Prostate Disease Naturally : Know your options

It may seem as though we have come full circle, but even if your diagnosis leaves you free of prostate cancer, you may still have Benign Prostate Hypertrophy. Rather than using hormonal or alpha blockers, many men have opted for a natural approach to avoid some of the unpleasant side effects of the drug therapy.

Some All Natural treatment options:

It may seem as though we have come full circle, but even if your diagnosis leaves you free of prostate cancer, you may still have Benign Prostate Hypertrophy. Rather than using hormonal or alpha blockers, many men have opted for a natural approach to avoid some of the unpleasant side effects of the drug therapy. 

The two prescription drugs, inasteride (Proscar) and terazosin (Hytrin) make lots of money for drug companies because they are the only two currently approved by the FDA to prevent prostatic proliferation (the growth of new prostate cells that cause BPH in men over 50).

Before beginning an exploration of natural treatment options, it must be perfectly understood that there is no substitute for your physician. These options are presented as just that. . .options and you should consult your physician before undertaking any new treatment options whether medical or homeopathic.

First we will look at 7 different therapy options. These options are Ayurveda, Reflexology, Food Therapy, Imagery, Hydrotherapy, Vitamin and Mineral Therapy and Yoga. We present you with a brief synopsis of each therapy as it relates to prostate problems.

The Ayurvedic approach to all disease is to first make certain that you have received an appropriate diagnosis from a medical professional.
If the prostate diagnosis is benign the “flowing” approach can be used. Mix the following herbal powders: Punarnava, Gokshura and Shilajit. Ingest just 1/4 teaspoon a day either dry or added to warm water. An alternative is to drink any one of horsetail, ginseng or hibiscus tea, consuming as much as you wish each day. All of these herbs should be available at your health food store or by mail order.

Reflexology is the pratice of directing energy toward specific pressure points in the body. Reflexology sessions begin with relaxing the total body then shifting the focus of the reflex to those areas of greatest need. For our purposes that would be the prostate, endocrine, pituitary, parathyroid, thyroid and adrenal glands as well as the pancreas with the reflex in the hands or feet. You can find reflexology charts that give you the reflex points at most health food stores or schedule a session with a professional reflexologist.

Food Therapy
The key to affecting positive change in the prostate by eating specific foods is including any foods high in zinc. The properties in zinc have been proven beneficial in shrinking an enlarged prostate. Take a daily supplement of zinc. In addition to a low-fat diet, particularly avoiding saturated fats, consider adding one or two tablespoons per day of flaxseed oil to your diet as well as pumpkin and sunflower seeds, both know for their high content of zinc.

Imagery is closely associated to hypnosis, both practices incorporating positive visualization techniques to effect positive changes. Here is one exercise proven beneficial for our purposes here: Close your eyes; breathe out three times and imagine entering your body through any opening you choose. 

Find your prostate and examine it from every angle. Next, envision putting a thin golden net around the gland. This net has a drawstring that you can tighten. Cinch the drawstring so that the net is wrapped snugly around the prostate. As you do this, picture the prostate shrinking to its normal size. Then imagine using your other hand to massage your prostate. Sense that urine can now flow evenly and smoothly. The recommendation for this exercise is to practice it twice a day, three to five minutes per session for six cycles of 21 days on and 7 days off.

A hot sitz bath comes highly recommended for the treatment of an inflammed prostate. Sit down in a tub filled with comfortably hot water to a depth of your navel. Soak for twenty to forty-five minutes and follow with a cold bath or shower. This treatment should be done once a day for thirty days or until the symptoms are gone.

Vitamin and Mineral Therapy
The ideal vitamin and mineral treatment for prostate problems incorporates herbal medicine. The following regimen is recommended to help control symptoms:
• 400 international units of Vitamin E per day
• 30 milligrams of zinc twice a day
• 1 milligram of copper twice a day
• One tablespoon of flaxseed oil a day
• 160 milligrams of saw palmetto twice a day
Flaxseed oil and saw palmetto are easily obtainable in any health food store.

Certain Yoga poses can increase blood flow to the groin, thereby relieving certain prostate problems. You can find books on Yoga that include these poses, as well as many others, at any herbal or homeopathic store. The two poses that will benefit prostate problems are the “knee squeeze” and the “seated sun” along with the “stomach lock.” To do the “stomach lock,” lie on your back and take a deep breath. Breathe out until all air is expelled from your lungs, then pull in hard on your buttocks, groin and stomach muscles. Hold this pose for a count of three then release the muscles. It is recommended that this session is repeated two or three times a day, three times a session to help prevent prostate trouble. You should not use this yoga pose if you suffer from high blood pressure, hiatal hernia, ulcers or heart disease.

Even more natural treatment options:

Pumpkin Seeds
Not enough can be said about the healing power of pumpkin seeds! It seems hard to believe, doesn’t it? Why do these little seeds have such a profound effect on prostate problems? Did you know that pumpkin seeds contain fatty oil that is a natural diuretic? The medical community scoffs at the idea that increased urine flow may have anything to do with an increase in urine flow. However, in addition to being a natural diuretic, these seeds contain as much as eight milligrams of zinc equivalent to a half cup per serving!

Some doctors recommend taking 60 milligrams of zinc each day as part of the regimen to combat BPH! However, make certain you are in contact with your regular physician because this amount is way more than the daily value. The point is studies have proven that zinc reduces the size of an enlarged prostate. Those little pumpkin seeds are high in the amino acids: alanine, glycine and glutamic acid. According to recent study men who were taking the supplements of these amino acids with a dose of 200 milligrams each day, BPH symptoms showed significant relief.

Saw Palmetto
Did you know that after Proscar was approved by the FDA, that agency banned all nonprescription drugs for BPH? According to Varro Tyler, Ph.D., dean and professor emeritus of pharmacognosy (natural product pharmacy) at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, the ban was initiated for two reasons. 

First, the FDA purported that there was no credible evidence to show that any over the counter (OTC) products were effective in the treatment of BPH. Second, the agency also expressed a viewpoint that those who used OTCs might put off getting proper treatment while their disease worsened.

“What the FDA overlooked,” says Dr. Tyler, “was the considerable evidence in Western Europe that certain phytomedicinals (plant based medicines) are effective in treating BPH and that people using them experience an appreciable increase in their comfort level. Perhaps the most popular of these is saw palmetto. The beneficial effects include increased urinary flow, reduced residual urine and decreased frequency of urination.” Saw palmetto can be found in southeastern states. It is a small palm tree. The Seminole Indians ate the seeds as food. Who knows? Maybe they found it helped their urinary problems. The reason it works is because it contains a compound that turns testosterone into dihydrotestosterone thus preventing the transformation of the testosterone. It is exactly the same way that Proscar works, but in a different way.

Half a dozen studies have proven saw palmetto as an effective treatment. In one of them, a clinical trial of more than 2000 German men with BPH received substantial easing of BPH symptoms after a daily does of one to two grams of saw palmetto seeds. 

It is interesting to note, Science News reports, “30% of all American men have undiagnosed prostate cancer by age 60-but the incidence is only about 1% among Arctic Intuit men of the same age group.” It is believed that this is a result of a diet high in fish oil. This may be something to consider in your own diet.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the recommendations of your healthcare provider. If you have prostate disease you should verify with your doctor which is the best treatment for your particular situation. Never treat your own serious illness without first consulting your healthcare provider.

You can obtain information about clinical trials from:
The National Cancer Institute at:

Other resources:
National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-s (CDC-s) – Online at
Contact them offline, too, for more information at:
4770 Buford Hwy, NE
MS K64, Atlanta, GA 30341
Toll-free information line: 1-888-842-6355
FAX: 1-770-488-4760

U. S. Department of Health and Human Services –
The U. S. Food and Drug Administration will give you information about “natural therapies as well as the stringent guidelines that drug companies must follow in order to certify a drug and earn FDA approval. Contact them at:
Food and Drug Administration
5600 Fishers Lane
Rockville, Maryland 20857
1-888-INFO-FDA (1-888-463-6332)

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Magic of Women

To discover the magic of the woman in your life……….and understand women better….read on…….

Here-s how men and women all over the world can understand each other and perhaps themselves!!

The Magic of Woman website is dedicated to teaching men how to be more loving, understanding and appreciative of women. It is based upon the information contained in the book “What Every Man Should Know About Women” by Les Morgenstern.

“What Every Man Should Know About Women” is the first transcultural book that teaches men from anywhere in the world everything they need to know about women that is both logical and predictable. This knowledge allows any man from any culture to understand, love and appreciate any woman from any culture regardless of her age, race, religion, political persuasion, geographical location or levels of income, education or sophistication.

“What Every Man Should Know About Women” solves “The Mystery of Women” which has puzzled men for centuries. Although written primarily for men about women, the same knowledge can, in most cases, be equally applied to men. The most notable exception is that women everywhere have had to adjust their behavior for centuries because they live in male-dominated cultures. This book takes you far beyond the notions about gender differences propounded in the now popular Western cultural book “Men Are From Mars and Woman are from Venus” which fails to acknowledged the entire range of human behavior naturally exhibited by both women and men throughout the world.

Click on to find how…….

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Keeping Erectile Dysfunction At Bay: Quite Possible If You Follow A Healthy Life-Style!

It is absolutely possible to keep your erectile dysfunction at bay by simply sticking to a healthy way of life (a life devoid of the ill vices such as smoking, drinking and usage of banned drugs like cocaine and marijuana).

In continuation I would like to state that, if it has happened that you are already under the grip of the disorder, the perfect solution would be get yourself checked up via a doctor and get a prescription for an effective anti-impotency medicine.

Amongst the guys who fall in the grip of impotency, most of them are utterly careless about their ways of life; they are the happy-go-lucky ones who never think twice before indulging in serious vices such as smoking and drinking and only when their actions start to bear fruit do they realize the gravity of their mistakes! Whenever the cancer of the throat, stomach and other body parts and the highly disastrous malady erectile dysfunction hits them hard, they start to repent and as soon as erectile dysfunction is identified, these spoilt brats dash off in search of a proper remedy and cure!

The abstinence from the evil life-style habits mentioned above and other similar ones not only guarantees you full protection from the onslaught of impotency but also secures you from the apparent attack from a whole lot of other dreaded ailments such as lung cancer, blood pressure and various others.

But as far as erectile dysfunction is concerned, you can fall prey to this disorder even if you have a healthy living style for example, it is appropriate to mention that there are chances of a person becoming an erectile dysfunction patient if he suffers a spinal cord injury due to any unfortunate event or a kidney problem but remember that such chances are very very rare. The only solution to you erectile dysfunction problem is to consult your doctor and if he recommends cialis dosages for you, just procure the pills and start off your war against impotency. Cialis is a FDA approved medicine which is known to provide the necessary relief!

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