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Why Is Yoga So Popular In The West

In the west, over the last few decades Yoga has gone from a topic, which seemed like taboo, to a topic which is regarded as an important topic for many reasons. The health benefits seem to be the biggest reason for the uptake of yoga in the west.

Yoga is a very old form of meditation. It does not just stop at meditation, however it encompasses visioning, and some other aspects which could be termed as paranormal. So, why would anyone want to meditate, and why are so many people doing yoga meditation?

In the west we have seen many changes happen in society. These changes which have gone from manual labor to what we have today, the service industry. This information age that we find ourselves in, is an age which puts in front computers. Computers operate at fast speeds. Computers, of course are technology creations. These are technologies, and by our use of time saving, we have done the opposite, and that is to go ever faster.

Life is fast paced today. In France several hundred years ago, if a king passed away, it could have taken a century before everyone heard the news! Today, this kind of information can get anywhere in the world. Think of this article, it is worldwide. You could read it, speak to your friends, and before long, everyone has read this article!

So, what does this have to do with the popularity of Yoga meditation in the west? It is simply, this fast paced society we find ourselves in. People can’t seem to have time to think. Ask someone to take a time out and breath deeply for a few seconds, and it seems like if they do, the world would run ahead, leaving them behind. But, this doesn’t provide answers.

The monarchic, monotheistic religions have not answered many questions. How do you get peace of mind in a fast paced world? The key is meditation, and yoga meditation is helping more and more people find that peace of mind. The world is not going to run off, and you will actually have much more energy and the ability to make the smart choices in life.

Yoga meditations main benefit is the spiritual aspect. In fact in the east that is the whole point of yoga meditation, to seek connection with the spiritual. Though this view of doing yoga meditation is more foreign in the west, more and more people understand that for them it may be the best way to get that spiritual connection which is essential in life.

The spiritual connection is not the main reason why people practice yoga in the west. For many the health benefits are the main reason of doing yoga mediation. The benefits are numerous, however, to touch on some, we have peace of mind, lower heart beat rate, and more flexibility in joints.

As we continue into the future, people need answers. Long gone is the view that we have to rush ahead. Technology is here to make life easier. Think of a room with Ikea furniture, and computers, even perhaps a setting such as Earth on Star Track, and you will find that the spiritual dimension is an important part of life. Yoga meditation will continue to be popular for the future in the west, as it has been for the ancients of India and Tibet.

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FDA Approval For Natural Cures Don’t Hold Your Breath

It’s funny when you pick up any bottle containing a natural herb or supplement and read the little message at the bottom: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.”

Ever wonder when the FDA is going to get around to evaluating them? After all, they have only been used for thousands of years.

People all through time have reaped the benefits of these natural cures but the FDA doesn’t seem too interested. On the other hand, they seem to implement a virtual approval stamping machine when it comes to brand new prescription drugs.

Toward the end of the 1980’s The FDA got slammed by AIDS advocacy groups who felt that the approval process for potentially life saving drugs was too long. They responded in recent years by putting new policies in place that would speed this process up. They have gone even further by offering incentives to drug companies to develop new drugs faster.

There was also the controversial Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) of 1992 which helped bolster the FDA budget by collecting fees from industry user fees.

The problem with natural cures is that since they are natural, they can’t be patented. There is no big profit to be made off of something that can be copied distributed by everyone and their brother so no one can afford to pay these tremendous fees to the FDA to get them approved. And with no FDA approval, they can’t be prescribed by an MD. Very interesting how it all works.

There are also reported incentives given to panelists on the FDA from Drug companies. For example back in 2005, It was reported in the Associated Press that a study was done by Toward the end of the 1980’s The FDA got slammed by AIDS advocacy groups who felt that the approval process for potentially life saving drugs was too long. They responded in recent years by putting new policies in place that would speed this process up. They have gone even further by offering incentives to drug companies to develop new drugs faster.

There have also been reports of incentives given to advisory panelists on the FDA by drug companies. For example, back in 2005, a study that was done by the Center For Science in the Public Interest revealed that 10 out of 32 FDA panelists who voted on whether or not to keep some controversial pain killers including Vioxx on the market received incentives from their manufacturers including consulting fees and research support. The 10 panelists were reported to have voted 9-1 in favor of keeping the drug Vioxx on the market and 10-0 in favor of the other drugs. Vioxx was pulled off the market a short time later by the manufacturer to to the report of heart problems of some patients. Without these 10 votes in favor of keeping the drug, they would all been pulled off the market.

A study in USA Today by Dennis Cauchon reported that: “More than half of the experts hired to advise the government on the safety and effectiveness of medicine have financial relationships with the pharmaceutical companies that will be helped or hurt by their decisions.”

The report goes on to say: “Federal law generally prohibits the FDA from using experts with financial conflicts of interest, but the FDA has waived the restriction more than 800 times since 1998.”

Wow 8oo times. Makes you wonder.I think the message is very clear here . . .Money Talks.

Actually, natural plant-based cures got kicked to the curb in the early part of the 20th century when pharmaceutical companies gained considerable influence over medical schools with generous funding.

The health-care industry is one of the largest industries in the world and it only grows exponentially in profits as the population continues to grow and the baby-boom generation gets older.

There is simply not enough profit in natural cures for them to get the same consideration by government as a the gigantic pharmaceutical health care industry.

It is also important to note that there is no real profit in you getting healthy or staying that way.

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Tips About Using Salvia Divinorum Safely

Those who have a stable mindset and are in the mood to handle an out of body experience should try salvia divinorum in small amounts so they can learn how to recognize the feeling, and you will also know what to expect. Salvia divinorum is very cheap and is mostly legal, and it isn’t addictive. It is best to try small doses with the help of somebody who has experience with salvia and can help you when you use it. As you begin with smaller amounts, be patient and avoid getting anxious and using more since the initial effects can be gradual.

For the time being, Salvia Divinorum is legal. Salvia is an herb that is from the sage plant. It probably is not something you would want to smoke in the car while driving around though. If you have Salvia Divinorum on you, you will probably be arrested, but would get off when it came to court. Treat it like a controlled substance and you should always be safe from inconveniences like court or jail time.

There are two different ways to use Salvia Divinorum, first of which is drinking the extract. This is a highly concentrated and alcoholic dose of salvia that is supposed to be held in your mouth, and absorbed by your tongue, then swallowed. The good part of this method is that you can make sure to get exactly the amount you want, and your ‘high’ comes on more slowly. However, if you hold the liquid in your mouth too long it can burn your tongue and your mouth, which can sometimes cause peeling and pain. The extract is also much more expensive, so it is usually better to smoke it.

Smoking salvia divinorum is just like smoking tobacco in a pipe, but the effect is much stronger that you will feel from any other herb that you can smoke. You can also use a water pipe or even a hookah. Salvia divinorum is now becoming more popular and is being offered in more potent forms. If you want an experience that is less drastic then you should stick to the less expensive product.

Smoking salvia produces two different effects on people that include an out of body experience where you are totally lost, or a lighter feeling such as being high. Those who smoke large amounts or highly potent salvia have experienced moments when they have talked to people as if they were foreign objects, or feel as if time itself has stopped.

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Acupuncture and Acupressure for Treatment of Depression and Insomnia

Probably the most common psychological problem associated with insomnia is depression. A fundamental link exists between the two that goes beyond the chemical factors secreted by the brain in various nervous central system disorders. Depression and insomnia are actually connected by the presence of negative thoughts directed towards oneself and the rest of the world. Personal dissatisfaction, emotional problems and high-stress working conditions are the typical causes. The most significant disadvantage in the use of classical medication prescribed for the treatment of these two ailments is its inability to solve the root causes triggering the condition in the first place. As a result, further recurrence is very likely when the prescription is finished.

People who suffer from depression and insomnia are encouraged to develop as many rewarding activities as possible. Boosts of confidence, small successes, communication and openness, as well as emotional stability are among the best long-term cures for such disorders. Most nervous system problems are associated with insomnia, from the very simple to the most complex of cases, and fortunately depression is generally considered a mild affliction that can be treated by various means that are complemented by classical therapy. Acupuncture and acupressure, for instance, have been successfully used in the treatment of both depression and insomnia, with positive results obvious immediately after the sessions.

With stimulation of special points on the body, the therapist actually opens the natural body circuit that is responsible for the elimination of the negative energies accumulated in the body. The treatment of depression and insomnia by means of acupuncture is an old Asian healing technique. The underlying tenets of the technique are that every health issue has a manifold structure: spiritual, energetic and physical. Every time you are unhappy, a physical reaction takes place in the body by the secretion of chemicals that can be more or less harmful, depending on the amount. This is why those who suffer from depression find it so difficult to sleep well; tension accumulates in the tissues and prevents the normal functioning of the system.

The use of acupressure and acupuncture reinstates the natural energetic flow in the body favoring relaxation and feelings of contentment to take the place of the negative burden that interfered with sleep. Ninety percent of the patients who have used acupressure or acupuncture have reported significant improvement for both depression and insomnia. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that in order to preserve a proper state of health, one needs to stick to a balanced way of life and keep negative emotions to a minimum.

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Brahmi to avoid Mood Fluctuation

Brahmi is an herb that is known to man kind as a brain enhancer. It is also an herb that has been used as a brain modulator.

Brahmi is used to revitalize the body and as a memory support. It helps to overcome the negative effects of stress. It is exclusive in its ability to revitalize mental processes whilst reducing the effects of anxiety.

Mood fluctuation though is a disorder that is related to the brain but still it is highly influenced by the disturbances of the normal metabolic disorders in the body. Due to metabolic disturbances, our body remains under nourished and hence the proper requirement of the cell is not fulfilled.

Mood fluctuation is a disorder pertains to the nervous system. Our nervous system works on the release of the chemical at the synaptic juncture to respond to the particular situation in the best possible way. Disturbance in this aspect leads to the very common problem of todays era the mood fluctuation, though a help of psychiatrist is essential in treating this problem but this problem can be averted by proper intake of diet that is enriched with the proper vitamins and minerals essential for our body to perform daily functioning in the appropriate way.

What causes mood fluctuations?

Below are the commonly encountered reasons that are responsible for causing mood fluctuations

1. Disturbed family relations
2. Fluctuation in the life style
3. Hormonal imbalances in the body.
4. Uses of narcotic materials
5. Consuming alcohol

What are the signs and symptoms of mood fluctuations?
Some of the commonly seen signs and symptoms of mood fluctuation are mentioned below.

1. Uneven feeding habits
2. Loss of weight
3. Disturbed sleep
4. Lack of enthusiasm in work
5. Feeling of weakness and fatigue in the body
6. Inferiority complex
7. Lack of communications with people
8. Hopelessness

How Brahmi can help in averting this condition?

Brahmi is an herb that has been a powerful agent that has a property by which it can avert the common ill conditions the brain. Brahmi is the herb that is known to man kind since ages. It has been a herb that is a herb of choice in treating the abnormalities and malfunctioning of the brain and its performance.

Since ancient times Brahmi is regarded as the powerful brain tonic that has the capability in increasing the memory and brain functioning. It also has the Adaptogenic powers that make it an herb helpful in preventing aging.

Brahmi is also very helpful in treating a disorder commonly known as mood fluctuation. It helps in regularizing the release of chemicals at the synaptic juncture therefore avoiding the situation of mood fluctuation

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