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Brahmi to avoid Mood Fluctuation

Brahmi is an herb that is known to man kind as a brain enhancer. It is also an herb that has been used as a brain modulator.

Brahmi is used to revitalize the body and as a memory support. It helps to overcome the negative effects of stress. It is exclusive in its ability to revitalize mental processes whilst reducing the effects of anxiety.

Mood fluctuation though is a disorder that is related to the brain but still it is highly influenced by the disturbances of the normal metabolic disorders in the body. Due to metabolic disturbances, our body remains under nourished and hence the proper requirement of the cell is not fulfilled.

Mood fluctuation is a disorder pertains to the nervous system. Our nervous system works on the release of the chemical at the synaptic juncture to respond to the particular situation in the best possible way. Disturbance in this aspect leads to the very common problem of todays era the mood fluctuation, though a help of psychiatrist is essential in treating this problem but this problem can be averted by proper intake of diet that is enriched with the proper vitamins and minerals essential for our body to perform daily functioning in the appropriate way.

What causes mood fluctuations?

Below are the commonly encountered reasons that are responsible for causing mood fluctuations

1. Disturbed family relations
2. Fluctuation in the life style
3. Hormonal imbalances in the body.
4. Uses of narcotic materials
5. Consuming alcohol

What are the signs and symptoms of mood fluctuations?
Some of the commonly seen signs and symptoms of mood fluctuation are mentioned below.

1. Uneven feeding habits
2. Loss of weight
3. Disturbed sleep
4. Lack of enthusiasm in work
5. Feeling of weakness and fatigue in the body
6. Inferiority complex
7. Lack of communications with people
8. Hopelessness

How Brahmi can help in averting this condition?

Brahmi is an herb that has been a powerful agent that has a property by which it can avert the common ill conditions the brain. Brahmi is the herb that is known to man kind since ages. It has been a herb that is a herb of choice in treating the abnormalities and malfunctioning of the brain and its performance.

Since ancient times Brahmi is regarded as the powerful brain tonic that has the capability in increasing the memory and brain functioning. It also has the Adaptogenic powers that make it an herb helpful in preventing aging.

Brahmi is also very helpful in treating a disorder commonly known as mood fluctuation. It helps in regularizing the release of chemicals at the synaptic juncture therefore avoiding the situation of mood fluctuation

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