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OUR ARCHIVES : December 2008

Sexual athletes of the world face drugs test

I have never been able to make up what I think about people who use drugs to improve their performance in sport. Having suffered from asthma all my life, I have relied on inhalers to keep me going. Since I also play games requiring significant physical exertion, the inhalers let me play. Of course, there’s […]

How to treat men diagnosed with cardiovascular disease?

Because diagnosis and treatments have been improving steadily over the last decades, more men than ever before are now living longer with cardiovascular disease. In the last century, heart attacks were the most common cause of death by a significant margin. Now with better drugs and lifestyle changes, deaths from cardiovascular disease have been falling. […]

Age is no barrier

Life is never fair. Even though the majority may avoid some of the worst possibilities, there are always the few who seem to have the worst of luck. Look around the media and it’s impossible to avoid the stories. Sometimes, it’s news of accidents and crimes where we are shown the victims and their suffering. […]

Does this site comply with US law?

In October, the US enacted the Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act, named after a young man who died after abusing drugs bought over the internet. Except the law only applies to online pharmacies based inside the US so this site doesn’t have to comply. It can do whatever it wants. That doesn’t sound […]

Research? You ain’t seen nuttin’ yet!

When people get the bit between their teeth, they can be driven to do good things. Hopefully staying on the right side of obsession, they devote their lives to asking questions and finding the answers. This is the “scientific method” at its best. In this case, as you can see from the title to this […]