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OUR ARCHIVES : November 2008

Why are women left out when we talk about libido?

One of the reasons why marriages get into trouble is sex, or the lack of it. So when viagra came along ten years ago, a lot of men with erectile dysfunction thought they would all be able to save their marriages by being able to resume sex. Except, if you have a bad marriage, sex […]

Sometimes it’s better to stay with the devil you know

It’s always better to start off with the bad news first. Hopefully, by the time you reach the end, you will have forgotten this bit. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated there were about 400m obese adults around the world in 2005. It expects this number to almost double to 700m by 2015. Since most […]

Spam remains profitable, but only just

One of the more fascinating things you can think about when you’re bored is why the spam is so different depending on where you have accounts. Perhaps I’m just lucky, but I get very little spam through my ISP. Mostly, it’s just to persuade me to buy viagra and other more obviously fake ways of […]

Why Virtual Christmas Shopping is a Great Idea

The nights are getting colder and the yuletide lights are once again glistening and twinkling like the star that guided the wise men in their search of the baby Jesus. Indeed, Christmas is just around the corner. It’s my favorite time of the year for it reminded me of happy childhood days, of gifts and […]

There was something important I had to tell you

I know it was important because I tied this knot. I always tie a knot when I need to remind myself to remember something. I know it has something to do with generic viagra but it’s not the obvious – that there is no difference between the generic and the branded viagra. They are bioequivalent. […]