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OUR ARCHIVES : November 2008

Stop that spam! Stamp it out!

Have you noticed that most of the spam that fills up your inboxes seems to be related to sexual performance? It starts with the simple and traditional, “Buy cheap viagra online.” and then slowly grows into the more extraordinary ways in which men may apparently impress a woman. Let’s not deny that size is an […]

Hope burns ever bright

This October has seen hopes rise high and bright into the virtual sky. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) went on record saying they had, at a stroke, shut down one of the major sites that sustains the flood of spam that keeps our inboxes so full of exciting reading material. Our lives just would […]

The dog that didn’t bark during the night

One of the very best throwaway lines from Sherlock Holmes comes in The Silver Blaze. Asked what is significant about the way in which the horse was stolen, he identifies the failure of the dog to bark as the most important clue. I have always liked the idea of the answer to mystery novels turning […]

What do the Chinese know that we don’t?

Although pain comes with a physical component, the mind has a vital role to play. One of the oldest medical treatments in the world is acupuncture. As one of the cornerstones of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practised for several thousand years, it works by stimulating specific points in the body using thin needles. Whereas the […]

What’s in a name? What about cannabis?

On 15th July, the Federation of European Pharmacological Societies Congress began a discussion of the medicinal role of cannabis. It is routinely used for controlling nausea among patients on chemotherapy and for encouraging appetite among AIDS patients. It is now licensed for the control of neuropathic pain in adults suffering from cancer and multiple sclerosis. […]