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OUR ARCHIVES : September 2008

Teeth Whitening Treatments Review

It’s sad but true; the models in the magazines always seem to have whiter teeth than you do, no matter how conscientious you are about caring for your teeth. Because tooth whitening can be accomplished in number of ways, acquiring a whiter, brighter smile is not that difficult. There are a variety of methods you […]

Whiter smile is easily obtainable

It’s sad but true — regardless of how well one takes care of his or her teeth, their appearance can never rival the white smiles portrayed in magazines. Fortunately for most people, a brighter, whiter smile is easily obtainable through numerous methods. There are several different methods to achieve whiter teeth. Each option will be […]

Cat almost kills her owner

Headlines are the life blood of newspapers. Ever since the “Man bites dog” story, we’ve had every kind of animal story. Now this is the ultimate cat story because the headline misses out the vital reference to squirrels. Yes, it was a double attack. The cat and the killer squirrels would have been more accurate. […]

Australian regulators pull the adverts on impotence

Drive down a highway in Australia and you’re likely to see a billboard with the burning question of the day, “Want longer lasting sex?” So let’s ask a range of possible viewers what they think? I suppose the target market is middle-aged and elderly males. The research in Australia shows that only 11% of men […]

For the poison ivy, get a goat

It’s summer and along with all that nature comes poison ivy, that lush green monster with pretty yellow flowers. And just so you can keep calling global warming a myth, poison ivy is one of the plants responding well to the increases in temperature, humidity and the level of carbon dioxide. You can see it […]