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OUR ARCHIVES : August 2008

Which is more important? The plumbing or emotions?

Modern medical textbooks have all become so much more informative. A simple statement reflecting the vast amount of knowledge that has been accumulated through research over the last one hundred years. Yet, when you look at these books, you are confronted by mountains of facts about increasingly minute processes within the body. Students are expected […]

Warm hands can make for a healthy heart

Getting a good night’s sleep is so easy for the majority but, when something goes wrong with this natural reaction to physical tiredness, the way you feel the next day can be serious. It can be simply that you feel excessively tired. You walk around in a daze, feeling as if you had no sleep […]

How to obtain the proper sleep

For years folks from all over have suffered in silence about their sleep anxiety and sleep disorders. Much of it has been thought to be something that an individual can just “get over”. The reality is that sleep disorders are terribly difficult to get over on your own, once you’ve tried everything else. After you’ve […]

A book review of “Insomniac” by Gayle Greene

Well, yes, I am going to talk about a new book. Appropriately enough for a site devoted to Ambien, it is Insomniac by Gayle Greene (published by the University of California Press in March, 2008 – 978-0-520-24630-0). So here is an autobiographical take on what it is like to live with insomnia by a woman […]

What will the world be like when the sleeper awakes in 2018?

I am constantly amazed (and sometimes amused) by the “science” of futurology. This is, as the name suggests, the willingness of experts to predict what will happen in the future by applying probabilities and other scientific methods. Basically, it is extrapolation from the current state of affairs and, as such, much beloved of those who […]