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OUR ARCHIVES : August 2008

Enlightenment By Design Discover The Real You

What is enlightenment? How does one design a path by which he or she can achieve enlightenment? Enlightenment is a vague concept, and that might be part of its power. Debates often rage on the subject when it is actually just a misunderstanding of terminology between the different traditions. To paint a clear picture of […]

Tobacco has bad effect on heart

Heart muscle is always weakened by excessive indulgence in nicotine, the nerves of the heart is disturbed, if not actually injured. The active principle of tobacco is nicotine, besides which it contains an aromatic camphor-like substance, cellulose, resins, sugar, etc. Other products developed during combustion are carbon monoxide gas, a minute amount of prussic acid […]

Using the Internet for Stress Management Anxiety Meditation Hypnosis Relaxation Sleep

Since 1997, Herbert Benson, of the Harvard Medical School, has reaffirmed that “Sixty to ninety percent of [doctor-patient] visits are prompted by conditions related to stress.” Especially in today’s world, stress management is truly vital to emotional, relational, and overall physical health. As a psychologist, I understand that most tend to consider meditative exercises as […]

A word to the partners of those experiencing impotence.

Any man who is experiencing problems of sexual performance is likely to feel angry, frustrated and afraid of rejection. In other words, he feels exactly the same way that you do. This underlines the basic truth that, when there are sexual problems in a relationship, both parties are affected. If you do not deal with […]

No-one takes any notice of adverts, do they?

Every year, the pharmaceutical industry in the USA spends billions of dollars on direct-to-consumer advertisements for medications that are only available on prescription. In other countries, such advertising is often banned. Advertising to the medical profession is, however, universal – companies need to inform doctors of the products and their use. It is easy to […]