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OUR ARCHIVES : July 2008

Understanding Microdermabrasion Acne Treatment

Microdermabrasion is becoming an increasingly popular treatment for acne patients. Although microdermabrasion is not specifically designed to treat acne it has a proven track record of being effective at reducing acne lesions. Microdermabrasion works against acne in two ways. The exfoliation of the top layer of skin unclogs pores which are a major cause of […]

How Likely Is It That Drinking Water Stations and Water Fountains Have Contaminated Drinking Water

Can we get contaminated drinking water at work? As we all know, work under stress can be very harmful. That is why many companies try to provide their workers with fresh water, in order to relieve them of some of their stress. And the employees feel secure, because water containing within limits amounts of magnesium […]

How to have beautiful Face Skin Free of Acne

To have beautiful, soft, radiant skin you need to eat plenty of the right fresh fruits, vegetables, fiber, and water. Water and fiber are critical because it helps to move out toxins using the regular channels of elimination rather than using the skin as an exit point. A word of Caution: Sudden face or body […]

Drinking Water Filters Needed More and More

All the doctors and nutritionists, all the diets and the fitness instructors tell us to drink as much water as possible, the minimum of liquid consumed during a day being at least 2 liters. And then we hear from the environmentalists and other government organizations that water is contaminated with all kind of bacteria. The […]

Acne Scars and Treatment – Which Treatment is Most Suitable for You?

So you have got rid of the acne, but what do you do about the scars? With acne affecting about 25 percent of adults ? and roughly 80 percent of people in their teens and 20’s ? the desire for an effective acne scar treatment is widespread. Many people recover from acne without any permanent […]