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OUR ARCHIVES : June 2008

Is acne stress related?

Stress – Since your skin in your largest organ, how you live can sure influence how healthy your skin is. And stress, not necessarily “bad” stress, but rather certain external and internal stressors, factor into this health equation. So let us look at how to handle these stressors with regards to acne prevention. External Stressors- […]

Understanding Various Parts Of Mangosteen From Health Aspect

The mangosteen is considered as one of the most important fruits because it has various beneficial nutrients and antioxidants. This article will explore various parts of the mangosteen to give you some basic understanding on this useful fruits. Mangosteen plant The mangosteen plant is part of Guttiferae group, a family of largely tropical trees and […]

Proactive Acne Medicines Provide Fast Results

Acne medicines that are promoted as proactive are by far the best in the field of acne treatment. This is because proactive medicine not only cures existing acne, but also counters the cycle of recurring breakouts. Proactive acne medicines are among he most potent ones, and produce effect rapidly. The ingredients that are used in […]

Can Yoga And Yoga Meditation Cure And Relieve Stress

Stress is something that is grasping more people today than it has ever done in mans history. It seems like as we move forward, and technology moves forward, that we have to work and move faster which ultimately causes stress. Can an ancient practice called yoga and yoga meditation be the cure and reliever that […]

Acne Scar Removal or Treatment

Acne breakouts are caused by a variety of environmental, gene, and age factors, even stress. Acne is one of most common skin conditions in the world, afflicting 40 to 50 million Americans. There are several methods of removal or smoothing of the scars depending on age, health condition and severity. Scarring is usually caused by […]