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OUR ARCHIVES : June 2008

Top 10 Simple Nutrition Tips Anyone Can Follow

A lot of people these days are suffering with a variety of health issues. It’s mainly due to our fast paced society, stress, and plain ignorance. Stress and poor diet will wreck havoc on our immune systems and leave us in a serious unhealthy state. If we take the time to educate ourselves about the […]

Acne Soap

Acne is a tremendously embarrassing and burdensome problem. Acne most often occurs in the early teenybopper years, but affects some through adult life. Acne comes under the group of skin rashes. It is generally found on chicks, back, shoulders, chest and legs. Causes of acne include hormones, diet, evolutionary biology, vitamin deficiency, stress, and more. […]

Quick Weight Loss Diet Problems

Often times people use quick weight loss diets to help them lose a few pounds in order to fit into a certain outfit or to help them have a better self-image. Rapid weight loss is not always healthy. Before embarking on any diet, you should be sure to consult your physician. Using quick weight loss […]

Facts About Clearing Up Zits.

I am sure your quest for All Clear Acne has come to an end as you read this article. Yes, gone are those days when we have to search endlessly for All Clear Acne information or other such information like Acne Giovanile, Acne Face Products, Cystic Acne Extraction, Clear Up Body Acne, Natural Treatments For […]

Reasons To Invest In Whole House Water Filters

More and more people already have a water filter attached to their kitchen sink or at least a portable one that can provide enough purified water for drinking. However because of the increased level of pollution, environmental accidents, and other environment problems caused mostly by us, the tap water is more and more contaminated. Thus […]